D0032 ***SOLD***

2.50 carat Ideal cut round. Incredible brilliance.Faces up bigger than most 3 carats! 

WAS $43,750

NOW$ 13,670 ***SOLD*** 

D0033 ***SOLD***

1.25 carat firey round brilliant with top collection F color. Compare at $10,000.

WAS $11,875 

NOW $4,748 ***SOLD*** 

D0034 ***SOLD***

Absolutely stunning 1.93 carat radiant-cut diamond is bigger than most 2 1/2cts on the market. Excellent cut.

WAS $23,160

NOW$8,777    ***SOLD*** 

D0035 ***SOLD***

1,21 carat cushion diamond. One of the hottest items in the market. 

WAS $13,613

NOW$5,442  ***SOLD*** 

D0036 ***SOLD***

Beautifully shaped 1.30 Cushion cut with rare F color. Perfect for platinum!

WAS $14,950

NOW $5,977 ***SOLD*** 

D0037 ***SOLD***

2.44 carat round is on fire with perfect brilliance. Truly outshines and out sizes most 3 carats!

WAS $46,970  

NOW $14,799 ***SOLD*** 

D0038 ***SOLD***

2.05 carat round diamond. E color.Rare investment opportunity price. Impeccable cutting for maximum brilliance! 

WAS $38,500

NOW$10,900  ***SOLD***

D0039 ***SOLD***

2.51 carat Radiant diamond with superb brilliance.  Very white and faces up bigger than many 3 carat radiants.

WAS $41,415

NOW $12,558 ***SOLD***