D0017 ***SOLD***

2.74 carat round brilliant. Spectacular clarity and brilliance.

WAS $34,250

NOW$ 13,700 ***SOLD*** 

D0018 ***SOLD***

3.01 ct. round. GIA rated excellent cut, symmetry, polish. RARE!

WAS $93,000

NOW$ 24,800 ***SOLD*** 

D0019 ***SOLD***

2.12 E colors! Matched rounds for earrings.

WAS $24,000

NOW$ 7,775 ***SOLD*** 

D0021 ***SOLD***

2.01 round. Incredible color and brilliance.

WAS $28,200

NOW$ 8800 ***SOLD*** 

D0022 ***SOLD***

1.21 Cushion. Beautiful shape. Fireball brilliance!

WAS $11,800

NOW$ 4880 ***SOLD*** 

D0023 ***SOLD***

1.01 Princess cut. Virtually flawless!

WAS $9100

NOW$ 3890 ***SOLD*** 

D0024 ***SOLD***

Expertly- cut 1.50 carats rectangular Radiant Diamond exhibits spectacular color and brilliance.

WAS $16,500

NOW$ 6,597 ***SOLD*** 

D0025 ***SOLD***

1.56 carat round brilliant. Firey brilliance. Clean with ideal-cut proportions- a phenomenal investmennt.

WAS $22,230

NOW$ 8,888 ***SOLD*** 

D0026 ***SOLD***

Stunning 2.70 cts. Round brilliant faces up bigger than most 3.25 cts. Ideal cut. SI clarity.

WAS $52,000

NOW$ 16,640 ***SOLD*** 

D0027 ***SOLD***

F color! Beautifully shaped 3.07 carat cushion -cut diamond is yes…F color!

WAS $46,100

NOW$ 14,752 ***SOLD*** 

D0028 ***SOLD***

A 1.50 carat oval outsizes most 2 carat round diamonds. Great brilliance and excellent shape.

WAS $13,200

NOW$ 5277 ***SOLD*** 

D0029 ***SOLD***

2.51 carat Radiant diamond with superb brilliance.  Very white and faces up bigger than many 3 carat radiants.

WAS $41,415

NOW $12,558 ***SOLD*** 

D0030 ***SOLD***

A spectacular 2.28 carat round brilliant. Very clean and unrivaled fire and brilliance.

WAS $40,000

NOW$ 28,000 ***SOLD***